Why Simply Vizual, Why Simply us!

Sometimes, it feels like we live in a world full of data, where complexity prevails and communications suffers. At Simply Vizual, we believe that true value is created through the ability to simplify complexity, and make informed connections. From our experience, we know that immersive, compelling visualisations have the power to accelerate insight and action that will propel and grow your business. .

From strategy to solutions; products to propositions; data viz to value chains; and from lead gen to marketing execution…Simply Vizual offers a modular suite of tools and highly experienced consultancy, that can be completely tailored to your individual needs to bring your business to life for you and your customers.

Who We are

We are a unique consultancy network built around a core of IBG World, specialists in accelerating business growth. Our consultants and practitioners have in depth, hands-on, international experience of all industry sectors from Telecommunications to Transport; Manufacturing to Media; and from Service Centres to Social Media. We have offices in London, Mainland Europe and Far East but will work with you on your premises, at your convenience.

What We Do

We specialise in transforming business performance through a unique application of expertise and tools, with a real focus on immersive and interactive visualisation. We are highly experienced in all aspects of business from creating new Strategies and Target Operating Models (TOMs); to the Product Management lifecycle and Value Propositions development; to Lead Generation and Go To Market execution. We can provide core business consultancy in addition to creative, digital and media services that can enhance your brand and increase your customer engagement.

Our Unique Process

There is no single process in Simply Vizual. Of course we have tried and tested methods -like our Transform8 model- to discover what’s important to you and your customers, and how to go about identifying routes to revenue to secure sustainable growth. And we have our own tools and techniques that we know help the transformation journey go a little smoother and a little faster. However, there is no standard application. You are unique and we respect that, so we will tune our approach to create the dynamic you need to accelerate your transformation. Consider us a catalyst, not a consultancy!


For every aspect of Simply Vizual, we can help create a look and feel to match your desired outcomes, from applying or extending your brand guidelines, through to fully bespoke, creative design and marketing services. We recognise that credible content is critical, however, high impact visuals that simplify, immerse and engage, can really differentiate you, and increase your success with your audience. The Design module can also provide an independent assessment of your company’s digital footprint, including the first and last impressions of your customers’ experience, and give you options to help you refine the positioning of your tools, products or services in your business or marketplace. And, of course, we can deliver your new designs though a variety of digital channels to suit your needs from protected environments, to publicly available, social and consumable products.


We have used Data Viz for a range or purposes. Sometimes, you need to bring complex data to life and animate the world you live in to help your audience appreciate and understand what’s happening. Other times, you need to generate insight to determine the best course of action. and, of course, at times, you simply do it for brand awareness or sales, to create something very cool, compelling and entertaining for your customers. Whatever the reason, we can analyse your business context, and create a variety of engaging visualisations from static infographics, through to interactive, immersive landscapes, and even dynamic, real time models.


Most business are measured by a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that form a Dashboard to help determine productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and many other dimensions. And everyone understand this. However, when you start to decompose the mechanics of the business, all its moving parts and the everyday interactions with customers, it is not always so easy to identify the critical thread of activities -or drivers- that have the most impact on generating VALUE for customers and shareholders. In fact, most businesses are very good at looking inwards to understanding what generates costs but spend less time looking externally at what really generates value, choosing instead to make assumptions about their customers business models and priorities. This module offers a level of analysis to get beneath the skin of what really makes a difference to your customer, and then explores how best you can respond to that by identifying where to focus, how to focus, and why!


If Innovation is defined as the application of creativity to generate value, then Product Management is the framework, mindset and rigour that makes it possible! Goals of Product Management: -To transform ideas into replicable, exploitable products that can be built, sold, deployed and operated in the most efficient way possible -To proactively generate greater value for customers whilst maximising return on investment for shareholders -To enhance Investment Management, Asset Management and Programme Management, and to underpin Customer Solutions and Value Propositions The application of Product Management, including the identification Product Lines, Products & Product Managers, channels resource and investment on business priorities, thus reducing overlaps and inefficiencies. The start point of Product Management is to understand customers’ needs more deeply than ever before: to go beyond the obvious and never make any sweeping assumptions; to work much harder to get related to their value chain and dig in to every aspect of it; and to really understand where they experience pain, and why! Only then can you work together to build and deploy a remedy. Only then can you help deliver sustainable value to help their business grow and evolve in an increasingly competitive world. And only when your Customers and shareholders have realised value, can you say we have kept our promise! This module is a practical guide to understand and apply best-practice Product Management in your business. It delivers a handbook and collateral that can be used for training and knowledge transfer. And it can include a real ‘Go To Market’ project to ensure your staff can personally experience the real-world application of product management in today’s marketplace!


Before leaping to a Value Proposition, you must, of course, understand what value really means to your customer. And, when you do, you can then set about creating the right solutions! Our approach is called Forensics of an Offer where we explore and enrich the timeline of events on what happens now -and what needs to happen in the future- for a variety of actors in the ecosystem. We then analyse the timelines and their interactions, and look to identify the critical threads that have the most impact on key value drivers. We then prioritise within the critical threads and consider how best to improve each one in turn, as well as looking at it holistically. From that, we work with you to develop a view on new ideas and solutions that could be the basis of a new offer (and Roadmap) to the customer; an offer that is directly correlated with generating additional value for them. We often find that forensic visualisation can create new insights that leads to new, exciting and value propositions that differentiate you form competitors.


If you’ve done the hard work to work out the right solution to drive the optimum value for your customer, you need then really focus on the packaging and presentation of your products and propositions. We have a range of tried and tested formats that help deliver clarity to your customers in a highly visual and engaging way. These range from discrete Product Sheets, to our Product Deck (which is also a simple but highly effective facilitation technique) to our World View that brings together your opportunity data with your product data in a visual landscape that is highly connected and highly interactive. This starts to put business intelligence not just at your fingertips, but in your line of sight, for instant context, comprehension and communication.


A module designed to transform insights to actions. Our experience of large, complex programmes as well as fast, agile sprints, is delivered through this module, which helps organise work, set goals, and mobilise teams to accelerate the delivery of your desired outcomes. From goal planning to full project management, we can bring a highly visual element to the planning and management of the work that will also help you track and report on delivery performance. We also have some fun incentivisation elements (e.g., ‘Team Share Scheme’) to this module, design to help your teams get connected and motivated.


This is where it is all, quite literally, drawn together, in an immersive, interactive big picture that we like to think of as your complete landscape, or connected canvas. This is what Simply Vizual strives to achieve. A connected canvas where your business ambition; your market; your customer value chain and your products and services are simple visualised for you and your customers, with the ability for you to interact and really explore the connections and implications.


Simply Vizual is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.